The ‘Magic’ of Memory: China and its Re-Remembrance of War

More than 60 years have gone by since the Second Sino-Japanese war. Although time has moved on, the war is still very much alive in the thoughts of the Chinese.

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Local Rape, Global Issue: One Rape and Marginalization in Okinawa and Beyond

In September 1995, a 12-year-old Okinawan schoolgirl was raped by three US servicemen, not far from the military bases on the island. The incident caused great commotion in…

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The Imagined Space of ‘Chinatown’

Throughout the 20th century, the concept of ‘Chinatown’ has not failed to stir our imaginations. Many books and films evolve around this part of the city, whether the city is New…

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Taiwan & The Other

It is very hard to identify one China and define what that one China would be, since China has got many faces. Taiwan is one of those faces of China. The terms “Taiwanese” or…

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Imagined Communities: Not Andersons’ Book

Imagined Communities, 26 years after its publishing, still does not fail to bring new insights into the idea of nationalism; a concept that is very important in modern times,…

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Ambiguous Allies? The Dynamics of Japan/China Relations to Nigeria

Japan and China are both on a campaign to widen and deepen their contacts in Africa. Beijing declared 2006 as China’s ‘Year of Africa’ when the China-Africa Summit took place in…

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Salaryman&Sodomia: Homosexuality & the Hegemony of Masculinity in Japan

What it means to be a ‘man’ varies to different people and different cultures. Being ‘male’ and being ‘masculine’ are not the same, and what we view as ‘masculine’ in a certain…

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From Big Mac to Rice Burger — Globalization: McDonald’s in Japan

This short essay explores the impact of McDonald’s spread around the world- specifically, of its growth in Japan. Has the coming of McDonald’s restaurants brought American…

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Frida Kahlo: A Border Life

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Chinese in Your Pocket

Are you thinking about buying a good Chinese dictionary? Do not look any further, because Pleco Software is the essential dictionary to anyone studying Chinese.

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Beijing X: ‘Till the Train Comes

I remember it was a hot and humid day, sweat was dripping down my back, as I saw my mother waving at every taxi that passed along the Suzhou road.

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Beijing IX: On Standby (Back in Beijing)

You notice how days more often than sometimes just pass you by; you going to work, brushing your teeth, taking a shower and going to sleep, without ever really wondering what it…

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Beijing VIII: My Dearest

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Beijing VI: Rozenblaadjes

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Beijing III: Catch 22 & De Slet

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Beijing II: Bestemming Bereikt

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