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Manya is the founder and editor-in-chief of What's on Weibo, offering independent analysis of social trends, online media, and digital culture in China for over a decade. Subscribe to gain access to content, including the Weibo Watch newsletter, which provides deeper insights into the China trends that matter.






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Manya, with a background in Literary Studies from the University of Amsterdam and Sinology and Japanology from Leiden and Peking University, brings expertise and passion to her work. She founded What's on Weibo in 2013 to bridge the gap between the English-language and Chinese online media spheres. Manya is dedicated to exploring social trends, digital culture, online media, and historical contexts, particularly in China and Japan. Her interests include nationalism, literature, popular culture, and gender issues. As a writer and public speaker, she focuses on the stories that connect and inspire us and has been recognized as a "bloglator" (learn more). Check out her featured work.

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“Over the past decade, China has seen a digital revolution that is profoundly changing the lives of tens of millions of Chinese. Its mobile internet ecosystem, led by the country’s tech giants, has come to play a crucial role in China’s transformation from an agricultural state to an online digital leader.”

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From doing research and joining podcasts to being a keynote speaker and helping brands find their way in contemporary China - Manya is always happy to talk about how she can help. Sometimes she is available to join new freelance projects. Don't hesitate to connect via socials or contact via email. For event bookings, please contact Speakers Academy.