Manya Koetse Erklärt Das Chinesische Internet (Goethe)

We...Wei...What? - Monthly columns for the Goethe Institute (2020).

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Hong Kong Protests: Brand ‘Witch Hunt’ Takes over Chinese Internet (BBC)

As the protests intensify in Hong Kong, international luxury brands are getting caught in the crossfire. By Manya Koetse, published by BBC World (Aug 15, 2019).

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China’s Ghost Cities Aren’t Exactly Dead (VICE)

China's ghost cities are coming to life. Publication in VICE Motherboard by Manya Koetse, 2015.

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Beijing XI: Taobao Girls

She is holding the latest Samsung phone with her shoulder, briskly taps the iPad in her lap and dangles a cigarette in between her fingers. “Lily, here’s your mojito,” I……

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Japan State of Mind

There is something magical about a travel state of mind. There seems to be no past and no future, everything evolves around the present and what you see right now, where you will…

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Review: Reconstructing Postwar Sino-Japanese Relations

Sino-Japanese Relations after World War II: Abnormal Historical Process and Construction, a review of the book by Liu Jianping.

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Shanghai Baby: Beyond China- A Chinese Novel Banished to the West

“My name is Nikki but my friends all call me Coco after Coco Chanel, a French lady who lived to be almost ninety. She’s my idol, after Henry Miller. Every morning when I open my…

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Mao’s Honger Naar Macht (Skript Historisch Tijdschrift)

Op een zomerse dag in 1958 lag Mao Zedong aan zijn zwembad in Beijing. Het was de beginperiode van Mao’s Grote Stap Voorwaarts, een project dat China binnen vijftien jaar een…

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The ‘Magic’ of Memory: Chinese and Japanese Re-Remembrances of the Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945)

More than 60 years have gone by since the Second Sino-Japanese war. Although time has moved on, the war is still very much alive in memory and affect Sino-Japanese relations to…

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Gendered Nationalism and May Fourth: China’s ‘New Woman’

The May Fourth Movement (1915-24) is also referred to as the Chinese Enlightenment or the Chinese Renaissance. The concept of ‘new woman’ (Chinese: xin nüxing) indicated the…

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Beyond the Whale – Japan, The West & The Whaling Issue

The whaling issue is not that black and white; there's more to 'the whale' than the whale alone. Why did the Japanese start whaling? And why didn't they stop? By Manya Koetse.

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From Gal to Lady – Gender, Language and Japan’s Kogals

The term “kogal” was coined in Japan around the beginning of the 1990s to address an emerging group of young Japanese women who stand out in society not only because of the way…

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Crossing the Borders of Gender In China

What does it mean to be a woman in China? What does it mean to be gay? What does sexuality, in general, stand for in Chinese society? Book review by Manya Koetse.

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‘Stick Out Your Tongue’ : A Banned Book on the Health of a Nation (Shilin)

Stick Out Your Tongue was first published in China in 1987. The book, a collection of five short stories, depicts Tibet in an exotic and sexualized way, and evoked strong…

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